Travel Insurance

Are you travelling abroad for business, holiday or studies? Are you travelling into the country for business or leisure? Or could you be travelling locally by road, rail or by air? Protect yourself against travel related risks such as illness, loss of luggage and travel documents, flight delays or cancellations etc.
We have very affordable travel insurance that will cover you, your family or group for;

  1. Medical & related expenses due to illness or injury during your travel period
  2. Personal Accident Insurance which would pay a capital sum in the event of death or permanent total disability following an accident during your travel period
  3. Personal Liability if you become legally liable for accidental death, bodily injury or illness of any person or loss or damage to property
  4. Cancellation Insurance which takes care of non-refundable payments if you cancel your journey due to illness, injury or death
  5. Curtailment Insurance which takes care of non-refundable and additional payments incurred to return home due to illness, injury or death
  6. Loss of luggage including cash and Documents

Note: The above are only covered during the travel period of which the travel insurance is obtained.
Don’t get stuck out there! Get a cover and be safe!
For a quote kindly fill in the request form to provide your details. Cover is processed as quickly as possible and documents sent to you on email to allow you time to apply for Visa or make travel arrangements.

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