What is an Investment Policy?

An Investment policy is a super cover that acts as a savings plan, investment and insurance policy in one. The premiums paid to the insurance company are a saving set aside and paid out once the cover matures. It is also an investment because the premiums saved earn an interest over time. The policy also acts as an insurance cover as it protects you and your nominated loved ones in case of any unforeseen eventuality.

What investment policy should I take?

There are 2 main policies you can choose from depending on your goals and needs;

A). Term Policy

This is for a specified period of time usually between 10-25yrs that acts as an investment, insurance policy and savings plan for your goals. Whether you are saving for your child’s education, your dream house or dream car or for your retirement; the possibilities with this cover are endless. The cover is not limited to a specific goal.
This policy is ideal for;

  1. Saving for future use or a specific goal
  2. Diversifying your investment portfolio
  3. Saving for old age /retirement
  4. Protecting yourself financially against inability to earn income due to total and permanent disability as a result of accident or critical illness within policy period
  5. Protect your family financially in case you lose your life within the policy period

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B). Whole Life Policy

This covers family or nominated beneficiaries financially upon death of the policy holder.
This policy is ideal for;

  1. Protecting your family or beneficiary financially upon death
  2. If you want to leave an inheritance for your family

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