Home Insurance

Home insurance is a Domestic Package that covers against loss or damage to the house, contents therein and personal effects as a result of fire, theft, accidental occurrences and also personal liability.

What is covered?

All risk: buildings, household contents and personal effects against the following:

  1. Fire, lightning, explosion.
  2. Earthquake
  3. Storm , flood, bursting or overflowing of water tanks or pipes
  4. Riot and Strike.
  5. Theft accompanied by actual forcible & violent breaking into or out of the building
  6. Theft by employees
  7. Theft resulting from hijack & hold-up
  8. Damage to electronics resulting from Power surge
  9. Damage resulting from transit risks during relocation
  10. Deterioration of Foodstuff in the fridge
  11. Guests and domestic employees effects
  12. Medical expenses for accidental injury to guests by insured domestic animals


  1. Personal and legal liability to the general public
  2. Legal expenses arising out of suits by domestic employees
  3. Work related medical expenses for employees

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