What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a medical cover that is designed to take care of your medical bills. The cover offers two options; inpatient and outpatient cover. Inpatient cover takes care of your medical bills upon admission in hospital. Whereas, outpatient cover takes care of your medical bills upon visit to the doctor and back home. You can acquire an inpatient cover on its own but you can only add outpatient to your inpatient cover. Taking a medical cover gives you peace of mind to know that if you or your family members on the cover fall sick at any given time, your medical bills are taken care of. This is facilitated by paying a premium to the insurance company for a predetermined insurance package that is renewable annually.

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Why take health Insurance?

1. Provides a financial safety net during medical emergencies

2. Peace of mind where health and well-being are concerned

3. Provision of ambulance services in times of a medical emergency.

4. Access to quality services.